Due to the extent of our production capabilities and available production capacities we have the advantage to meet every customer’s requirement. Providing high quality boards with modern designs as well as creative solutions in furniture business and correlated industries. Our goal is achieving customer excellence in all aspects guided by our company core values of honesty, flexibility and best service practice.


Each order is individual for us. XyloSuisse possesses considerable international experience in the sphere of chipboards manufacturing. We can fabricate the boards of various types and dimensions in order to meet customers requirements following their particular needs and projects.

Core values

We carry out one of our main corporate purposes – producing boards for a sustainable future by pursuing ambitious goals along our entire value chain. Thus, we aim to achieve customer excellence and take on social and environmental responsibility, focusing on issues through which we as a company can make a significant positive contribution for our environment due to honesty, sustainability and best practice.

Customer excellence

Everyone at XyloSuisse is aligned with our motivation to help our customers find success. Best quality, highest level on customer service and economic pricing is our key to customer satisfaction.


We are always quickly interacted within our company in order to find the most appropriate solution in due time for our clients. We understand that our Company success depends on timely performance of our client’s objectives.