Particle Boards


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Particle boards are made by hot flat pressing of wood particles such as chips and sawdust, then they are mixed with a binder (mainly with synthetic resins). Any wood of both coniferous and deciduous breeds is a full-fledged raw material for PB production.

The popularity of particle boards lies in their high demand in terms of furniture production, interior design and construction.

Particle boards from Xylosuisse company are produced in accordance with the standards of GOST RF, their performance characteristics depend on their density as well as on the shape and size of the wood particles they consist of. In order to guarantee the stability of the boards quality we thoroughly monitor the species composition of material used for our particle boards. Moreover our boards possess increased strength, they are easy to be processed and used.

One of the main advantages of Xylosuisse company is its production of particle boards of high density for certain categories of furniture products. The equipment installed at our plant allows producing high density particle boards – a quality which has recently become very popular and even necessary for many customers.