Uni Metallic

Another variation of the modern metal coating in a high-tech style. This surface will accentuate the style and sole personality of the interior. It can be well combined with wood decors and [...]

Oxford Cherry

The structure is distinguished by its broadly planked texture, crotch figures and side-cut flowers, what make this decor classical for furniture and interior. This interpretation is very [...]

Swiss Elm

The design of Swiss Elm decor is a smart combination of two different woodgrains. The flowery and striped parts are interlaced in a harmonic way. It is a successful composition of the best wooden [...]

Thansau Ahorn

This decor has become one of the best imitations among pale woodgrains. It is rather popular in the market thanks to its complete cathedrals, side-cut figures, straight-grained sections and [...]


The design offering a new look at the woodgrain of Cypress.Capillary and large annual rings as well as harmonically drawed cut cathedrals underline its elegance and felicitous games of colors as [...]


This flattering warm interpretation can be a very interesting solution for design of furniture facades and cabinets as well as for interior decoration. Its texture inspired by the look of [...]

The first particle board of XyloSuisse

By In

Shatura district, Moscow region: XyloSuisse LLC has launched its own particle board production. The first particle board was produced on July 31, 2018. The company XyloSuisse is a manufacturer of [...]

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